Evie Reid
A different kind of strength
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Evelyn "Evie" Reid, 25
Student, Secretary to the Commissioner
Scarred but still standing.
I don't always know what I stand for. But I do know who I stand for.


Darling, I’m Roman’s sister through and through. Plus, do you really think I would’ve survived for long as Toby’s personal assistant if I wasn’t the queen of evil plans? 

Pink, purple, gold, red, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re fluffy. I want pictures.


The more you ramble, the more I’ll think you’re just talking to make excuses for yourself. Nothing wrong with liking him, babe. As for there being certain time stamps on grieving periods — that’s shite, that is. Part of you will probably always miss him in one way or another, but that doesn’t mean you have to put everything else on hold, yeah? 

As for why he’d even be interested in you.. not even going to answer that one. He’d be blind not to be.

You make a very good point, that man was mischief incarnate…basically the male version of you.  Pictures you want, picture you shall have, mostly of me, maybe one of Tris if I can snap it without him noticing.

I don’t know…I mean I certainly like him as a person, he’s very kind and I think he’s interesting. But the other stuff…I don’t…know if i’m ready to even think about that yet. So I just don’t…think about it…but then I find myself thinking of him and I sort of always know where he’s at when I’m working…I’m probably doing the overthinking thing, aren’t I?

Let’s go back to you, hmm? When are you seeing Landon again?


Score! Up top!


Tell him you got him a lil something something, make him close his eyes, put the mufflers on his head and when he shrieks out in horror, yell out ‘Gotcha!’ and pop out the hat instead. He’ll be so relieved he won’t even have the time to get annoyed. 

Aw, honeybun, don’t worry about little old me. I’m fully aware he isn’t here to stay — but as long as he is, you can rest assured I’ll be all over that cute arse like white on rice. Have fun looking him in the eye at work, darling. Evelyn, dear, he’s actually going to go sailing with you. The bloke is from the South and you’ve managed to make him agree to go sailing with you in London. Perhaps he doesn’t date, but I’m sure he wouldn’t say no if you asked.

Oh my god you are really the queen of evil plans, you know that? I might do it if the mufflers are purple…cause I would wear them myself in the winter. Pink is not my color and there’s no sense in wasting things.

Course…I don’t need to guide you…you’re the one always guiding me. And god knows you deserve some damn fun in your life and a cute bloke to mess around with. Oh god…thank you for that…i hadn’t thought of how awkward running into him at work is going to be.  Please, that doesn’t mean anything. I mean…he’s a nice guy…maybe he’s just going cause he doesn’t know how to say no or he feels bad for me or something. Ask…I…no…no I mean…it’s way too soon for anything like that, isn’t it? Aren’t their time stamps on expected grieving periods and I just…I don’t know…the girls at work flirt with him sometimes and he’s not really all that interested it seems. And if he were interested why in the world would he go out with me when there’s a pool of attractive women wanting to tug on his hair. Not that I’ve like…thought about tugging on it…

Evie and Landon


"Precisely what I was thinking." Obviously he wasn’t because Landon thought that this place would be a little better than the stereotypical office shenanigans but he was wrong. At least he learned this sooner, rather than later and spared himself a mess on his shirt. "Okay, thanks." His forced politeness had shifted to a bit of confusion at what this woman said. Did he already have some sort of reputation he didn’t know about? The confusion only heightened when she trailed off and blushed. "My - my what?" Then it snapped that this was Evie, the very one who was trying to get Tristan to find some sort of hobby. "Wait." He held up a hand, "You don’t have to tell me. I can probably guess on my own but uh, it’s nice to finally meet you though."


"Good, glad to know we’ve got similar opinions on the situation at hand." Evie watched with a sort of amusement that had to have been ingrained in her by Meg, as Landon’s face moved through feelings of confusion to a sort of horror/embarrassment combo. She bit at her lower lip, having no intention of clarifying even before the man held up his hand. "If you’re going to keep hanging out with Meg, you better get comfortable with blunt and usually embarrassingly sexual commentary. Cause I mean…I’ve known her for years now and she still gets me to blush…which means she’ll consider you fresh meat ripe for the picking." Evie realized his hand. "It’s good to meet you too. Tristan said you were a transfer here. Did you work with him back in the states?"

Evie and Landon


"You’re kidding me, right?" First day on the job and Landon was already running into bumps in the road and without a doubt, those would continue on and on like a vicious cycle he couldn’t break free of. "Well, thanks for the heads up then." He dropped the stack of papers on top of a table and pushed his hand through his hair. "Where’s another machine? I’ve got shit to do and the clocks ticking." His impatience was clear but then he realized that he’s yet to introduce himself and his mother didn’t raise him to be rude. "I’m Landon." He stuck his hand out, forcing some of the impatience from his voice and replaced it with a polite smile.


"It’s very motivational isn’t it? Seeing how much work the grown adults do around here." There was chastisement in her voice, but with it came a tidbit of affection. Because the people here were family, they’d all been there for her after Derrick had died. His desk had been as of yet unaccompanied, and she found herself wondering if this new face had received it. "Go down towards the break room and make a right. There’s a really nice one in one of the meeting rooms that no one ever uses." A grin moved across the girl’s face as she took the outstretched hand. "Ohhh…you’re Landon.” Her voice had that tone that only a female could command, that amused and scandalized awe rolled together in a way that made you desperate to know what they knew about you. “I’ve heard about you…from Tristan first…but also from my roommate…Meg. She’s rather fond of you…and your…blush.

Evie and Landon


She had work to do…and yet…here she was standing guard over the copier machine like some damn watch dog, shooing away anyone who came near it. Brown eyes shot upwards, curiosity in her eyes as she spotted and unfamiliar face approaching with a stack of papers. “Sorry…you can’t use this one…it’s been commandeered for a practical joke and you will get printer ink all over that nice button down.”



Oh god. When you put it that way.. books are much safer yeah? I just hope if anyone does wanna mess with my chemicals.. they have to wear a fucking protective armour of sorts. Wouldn’t want to find a fried corpse in my room — that’s a nightmare. Oh? That’s a shame really. I play the violin too and like you, not often around others. Are you serious?! Oh god. Gues, I have been lucky so far with stuff from there. I’m sure it is. He was buried there too right? I never got the chance to find out where his final resting place after the funeral.

That is why I never liked chemistry class…flammable things scare the hell out of me. Oh yes I’m sure that’s a nightmare…no one likes a fried corpse in their household. Violin, really? Perhaps we should play together some time. Yes…yes he was buried there…if you…if you ever want to go visit him I’d be happy to take you. I know the way by heart now.


It needed some glitzing up, darling. Besides, it made you smile, didn’t it? I considered that a job well done at the time.


Ahahaha, sailing in London, bless. Make him wear pink fluffy mufflers, okay? Take pictures and all that.

Well, better snatch him up early, yeah, before someone else does. He’s adorable; I made a joke about handcuffs and he blushed red to the tips of his ears, I simply had to see how far down that blush went. Answer: all the way. Sure, Evie. Maybe friends. Mhm. Eh, I can go over to his place too, no problem. 

You are very good at making me smile. I suppose that earns you all the glitter and my little ponies you want.

Pink fluffy mufflers…I don’t know…I’m lucky that I’m getting him on a boat, I don’t want to push it. I did get him a sailor hat though…

Fair enough, I cannot argue with that sentiment. I think he’s only supposed to be here for a short time though…be careful, okay? Oh god…Meg…Meg that was an answer to a question I didn’t ask…I don’t need to know where his blush goes. I…what is that tone of voice, huh? Tristan is…he takes Derrick’s workaholic tendencies and makes them look like child’s play, okay…I don’t think the man even dates.

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I’m slowly getting there, all right? But they’re just cute! I can’t help myself. It’s the glitter, you know how I am around glitter.


I bet he’s looking down from heaven right now with that constipated face just for us having mentioned the constipated face. And yes, so you’ve told me. What’re you going to have Tristan do first, huh? Indoor skiing?

… he’s actually Tristan’s FBI partner? I mean, you’ve got dibs on the first one, I obviously get the second one, it’s only fair. Landon, we got to talking on the street after he came across a chav and fan-fucking-tastic. Yeah, I’m totally doing that again. 

Yeah yeah, you and glitter. I still find it in my room from that time you decided to cover my lamp in glitter. 

Hahahaha pretty much, you nailed it. That’s my Derrick. Indoor skiing…no…no I suggest indoor rock climbing and he nearly pitched a fit. Apparently indoor outdoor activities are strange and unsettling to him. I’m taking him sailing though.

Oh my god…damn Meg…didn’t his partner like just get here? Way to welcome him to London. I…wait…I don’t…have dibs on anyone…Tristan and I are coworkers and maybe friends…but that’s all. Well good for you, it’s about fucking time. You go right ahead and kick me out of the apartment whenever you need to, okay…I can always crash at Keira’s or with Emrys if I need to.

Text to Tristan

  • Tristan: I'm not sure I'm willing to take the risk.
  • Tristan: Bad ain't what I'd call it; unexpected, more like.
  • Tristan: Sure, darlin'. I'm secretly betting you did though.
  • Evie: Unexpected? Hey now, I am an angel usually but even I have my devilish moments, if properly motivated.
  • Evie: Oh shush...you go get that drink you were talking about.
  • Evie: And don't forget about Saturday or I'll hunt you down.