Evie reid
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Evelyn "Evie" Reid. Former resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Current resident of London. 24 years alive and counting. Secretary to the Commissioner of London.

"We may not be tomorrow, who we are today."

(This is a roleplay account for The Manic Heart rpg)

How would your friends describe you?

Um…most people call me a kitten. They tell me that I’m nice but sometimes too nice for my own good. But they also tell me that I’m stronger than I think.


Evie is a fan of chocolate, though she tends not to like it plain. Peanut butter and chocolate is her favorite combination, though she’ll accept chocolate with other fillings and/or flavors added as well.


Evie is heavily scarred. She was brutalized with a knife and has a large scar along her collarbone, and many more that crisscross along her arms, chest, and torso. She is self conscious about this sometimes, but has come to accept her physical appearance.

Why did Evie drop out of school?

Evie was harmed, quite brutally, and she protected the identity of her attacker. In dealing with the trauma of this event, she realized how many of her friends and connections were criminal, and it made her feel as if becoming a therapist when she functioned in a manner that was so conflicting with her own morality was hypocritical. She has, over time, realized how much she missed the subject which is why she’s signed up for fall classes.


Evie is very much a romantic personality. She believes in love, but that it is an emotion that takes work and much be nurtured. When it comes to dating and such she doesn’t really have a “type”. She is compatible with almost everyone and often it is a matter of who makes a move or grows close with her first.

As of right now she is still mourning the death of her boyfriend, Derrick, and is still very much in love with him. She might let someone new in without knowing it, or she might take a large amount of time before she is ready to date or be in love again.

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Oh my God, really? I’d love that! I have been dying for a proper burger. I’ve been so busy the past few days that I have been relying on prepackaged salads in order to not die of starvation. Were the suburbs nice? I have to confess that I never spent much time there, and I doubt the Hamptons count. What are you studying, if you don’t mind me asking? I think I will. I have a lot of googling to do. I want someone to take care of unpacking and decorating my flat for me while I supervise.


Prepackaged salads…omg you poor dear. That must be remedied as soon as possible. What are you doing tomorrow? I can take you out to lunch and get a proper and hearty meal in front of you. The suburbs were alright. My neighborhood was a bit Stepford Wives if you get my drift, so I never felt quite at home. When I first came here I was in school for psychology. I dropped out for a little over a year, I didn’t…some things happened and I didn’t think I could handle it. But now I’m returning to it. We should google and see if there are any services to hire. It would be lovely if you went out to get lunch with me and came home and everything was done.

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Most painful memory

His hand had always been so warm, and it had held her heart as well as her physical form. It was cold now, and his breathing so shallow. “It’s okay to let go,” she whispered, “I love you, it’s okay.” But she didn’t mean it, didn’t want to say those words. He was still fighting, struggling to function in a body that was shutting down. Peace for him meant agony for her, but it was a price she was willing to pay. 

In a way, Evie Reid had watched Derrick Kent come to life, parts of himself that had never been nurtured blossoming as their relationship grew. And now she watched him die, his lean form growing still, his grip on her hand fading. 

Nothing else in her life could ever possibly hurt so bad.

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Yup! It’s so nice meeting someone that might understand my love for burgers. I’ve never been to Philadelphia, actually. Nothing specific brought me here, really. I just wanted to have some sort of change of air. I love New York, but it was time to leave and make new memories somewhere else. Ugh, don’t even mention it. My living room is an absolute mess. My whole flat is, actually. I should just hire someone that can take care of that for me.


Oh I can take you to a place with the best burgers in London! They are like the size of your face but closer to Burger King in price. I didn’t go into Philly itself all that often, mostly I hung out in the suburban areas around it. I was never much of a city girl, which is why it’s ironic that I’ve found a home here in London. I can understand that. I came here for school, but needing a change in pace was an underlying motivation for me too. You probably can hire someone to take care of that for you. There are services for everything nowadays.

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I was born and raised in New York City. I lived there my whole life until I moved here. Unpacking is just the worst. You don’t realize how many things you own until you have to pack them, and then unpack them again. I swear, my arms still hate after spending two days straight opening boxes. Aw, you are such a doll, thank you! We’d love that. It certainly is a pleasure to meet you, Evie. The name’s Avery.


Ah an American like me. I went to New York once or twice but I was mostly stuck at home in a little suburb outside of Philadelphia. What brought you all the way out to London? Amen to that, and then all the cardboard you have leftover when you’re done is horrific. Oh good, any time you want, just give me a holler. Lovely to meet you, Avery.

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Well, I hate to break it to you, but I’m not a cop. Are you? Evie, I’m Lennox, it’s nice to meet you. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a Reeses melting in my purse. But it sounds like it would have sucked. That’s your favorite candy? I’m a sucker for Air Heads. I don’t think they make them here, though. 


You could totally pass for a cop if you wanted to, you’ve got the “look”. Me, gosh no, I’m a secretary at Scotland Yard though so I work around them a lot. It’s nice to meet you too, Lennox. Be glad you’ve never shared my experience. First of all it’s tragic because you’ve lost a tasty treat, and then all your belongings are a chocolaty mess. Air heads are good too, but they always got stuck in my teeth. There’s a specialty store actually, that sells a lot of American candy.