Evie Reid
A different kind of strength
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Evelyn "Evie" Reid, 25
Student, Secretary to the Commissioner
Scarred but still standing.
I don't always know what I stand for. But I do know who I stand for.


 “France is beautiful. Maybe we could go together at some point. Just…get away from everything for a couple weeks. Don’t be sorry, Evie. It was time, I guess. Maybe. You know, I honestly don’t even know if it was, but we still love each other and if we cross paths again, we’ll pick up where we left off. Enough about me, though. How have you been? Staying out of trouble, I’m hoping.”


I would absolutely love to go to France with you, Aleks. My last trip was so much shorter than I wanted. That’s…that’s a good way to look at it, I’m glad you’re handling it so well. Timing…sometimes the timing is just all wrong. And then other times it is perfectly right but there is just too little of it. I’m alright…doing better…moving forward. I feel like I can breathe a little easier now. I started classes this week, did I tell you I signed back up for school again? I feel rather rusty and most of the people are so much younger than me, but it feels good to be in a classroom again.


That’s interesting that is, most people love the power of medicating people. It’s rubbish that is, but that might be why I’m not a psychiatrist either. So is it developmental psychology you’re into? Do you want to be a school counselor or something of the sort?

Have you ever considered general behavioral psychology? Are you working on a dissertation?

Bloody hell, I fink I just got ahead of myself. I’m actually looking for an intern, but I doubt my line of work would interest you.


Yes, boredom being the major downfall to taking the easy route. You’re right on that, you are. 

I certainly can’t deny that in some cases, medication aids in opening a person up to other forms of treatment. Sometimes you the mind is like a road, blocked by a fallen tree. The pill helps remove the tree, but that car still needs a gps system to navigate it to its destination, the pill doesn’t by itself solve the problem. Sorry I’m a sucker for metaphors. I probably overuse them. I’d like to have a master’s degree and focus on developmental psychology, yes. I’d like to specialize in children who have experienced trauma and abuse.

No, no dissertation yet. I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree, you see. Got into the game a little late and hit various setbacks. 

Never wise to make assumptions, is it? I mean…I’m not sure you’d want me as an intern, I’ll have classes and a part time-job to juggle as well so I wouldn’t be available to you 24/7. But I might be interested…it’s always good to get one’s feet wet in the field.


You really do! Because it seems likes you’re blind as a bat. Is that why you couldn’t find anything you fancy when you were shopping? Ah, see — I can tell when people let their minds wander due to certain references. God damn Twilight. I don’t exactly care whatever angst he has in his system. He’s a century old. You’d think he would have gotten over his teenage issues by then. I mean, who doesn’t cry when Mufasa died? Or when Mulan’s dad figured out what she has done? People who keep these things under the radar are usually concerned to show off their masculinity. I mean. yeah, how big our biceps are can be appealing but nothing wrong with admitting to liking Disney stuff. 


Atta girl. You’re a rare breed.

You know, that is certainly a possibility, I won’t rule that out. Gosh you may have just changed my world right now. Nope, I swear my mind hadn’t wandered there until you brought it up, it’s your own doing. You know what that’s called? A self fulfilling prophecy-when you have an expectation of something and you behave in a manner that promotes that something to become reality. Let’s be real, no one ever really gets over their teenage angst. We just learn to mask it a lot better and call it something different. Man I don’t even want to talk about Mufasa, I watched that movie for the first time earlier this year and my….you know what, never mind. But yeah, Disney is full of heartache and tearjerking moments, I don’t know why society still perpetuates this idea that for men to be emotional is for them to not be masculine. 

Whenever people say “atta girl” I feel like they’re about to pat me on the head like a dog that did a trick.



Not only are your charm detectors not working, you seem to have forgotten your glasses back at home. You poor thing. It’s not made of gold. Gold is overrated and too shiny. It’s made of rare diamonds. Aso, if you try associating me with Edward Cullen from Twilight, I would like to say at least when I sparkle in the sunlight, I don’t look constipated with my teeth bared. Humility is not my forte — that is for sure. But I do like Disney movies. Why would anyone hate Disney movies? My favourite will always be Lion King. I work at The Underground. A restaurant at Covent Garden. 


And you should do that. I’d accompany you but I’m not exactly fond of shopping.

Gosh, I really need to get my glasses on one of those lanyards so they hang around my neck all the time. Silly me. Rare diamonds, well then. You know, I immediately thought of the Twilight comparison but I was going to be nice and not verbalize it. Hey hey, Edward wasn’t constipated, he was overcome with teen vampire angst…there is a very subtle but important difference. No one hates Disney movies, but most guys like to keep that an under the radar secret. Like Oh I watched The Incredibles because my girlfriend made me. No you didn’t you big old fibbers, you watched it because it’s a kickass movie, and the begging of Up made you get teary.

I’ve never understood the women who feel they need accompaniment to go shopping. I’m not fond of it myself, so I like to go in, get what I need, and then go home.


It wasn’t my intention to be a sexist. I know men who are picky too. Myself included. It was just a facetious comment. Usually women tend not to hit me or throw drinks at my face — they get distracted by it. Are you saying a grown man like me can’t watch Disney movies? Aren’t you being a sexist too? Heh. Nah, just pulling your leg. Plus listening to kids random sing Let it Go where I work is pretty irritating. 


I am neither insulting nor hostile, missy. Where are your charm detectors today? Did they get mixed up when you were looking for bags?

They get distracted by your face? Is it made of gold? You’re a very humble fellow, aren’t you? I’m saying grown men like you don’t ever like to admit to watching Disney movies. Which is silly. Frozen was a heartwarming tale of the bond between siblings. Where do you work?

Oh no, my charm detectors are all but nonexistent these days, I’m afraid. I guess I need to go shopping for some new ones.


If you get any good at psychology, you might actually have a stable career. Granted, it’s no better than a glorified social worker, in clinical settings. If you want to work the traditional route with that, it’s best to just go the full throttle and become a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse, then you get to prescribe medication.

What type of psychology is it that you are into then? I should have probably asked that before I ran away at the mouth. 

Sometimes I fink life would have been easier if I just went into business of some kind, I really do. You’re right though, fashion is finiky. That’s why I don’t pay much attention to it, I think. 


Oh I wouldn’t say that you ran away at the mouth, you merely provided insight on something you are apparently knowledgeable in. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve thought about psychiatry but I’m really not all that fond of medicating people if it’s not absolutely necessary, and the population I want to work with is children and youth.

Ah well, there are plenty of “easy” routes to take in life, but they come with their own downsides as well. Every field does.


It was dreading, really. All eyes were on me. I guess they didn’t expect me to show.  image

But you know what kudos to you. Actually showing up was like a badass “fuck you” which is very commendable.


But.. that’s how leather came about.. it’s made from.. cows’ skin… Well, human beings are cruel sometimes. Aaahhh.. you are picky then. Not going to fault you. You are a woman. I’m sure you can find those in Primark… Or some weird ass shop at Soho. Are you new here or something? Just because I knew the names of the princesses doesn’t make me a fan. Plus that bloody song is bloody everywhere. 


Nah, I make friends by being my charming self.

You know…if I were a sensitive girl I’d be offended by the way you insinuated that all women are picky. That’s a bit sexist you know. Careful you don’t end up with some pissy lady spilling soda all over you or smacking you with her purse. I don’t know man…the song is everywhere but the princess’s names aren’t in that song. So you must have paid some serious attention to the commercials…or watched the movie.

Mmm yes, I can totally see how your “on the verge of being semi insulting and hostile” humor would win you lots of friends.



Maybe you should just go and do that instead of finishing school? That way you can avoid the debt of gettin’ an education, and make loads of cash off people such as yourself. 

Granted, school is a bit important, I should fink. I mean, that wouldn’t be advice I would give my own daughter, but a solid business idea is a solid business idea. 

Yeah but then what happens if my line of college oriented backpacks flops. Then I have nothing to fall back on. Fashion is a finicky and unstable industry. Not that psychology is without it’s flaws as a field, but no matter how much the world changes there will always be a need for it.