Evie Reid
A different kind of strength
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Evelyn "Evie" Reid, 25
Student, Secretary to the Commissioner
Scarred but still standing.
I don't always know what I stand for. But I do know who I stand for.


That is what happened on a smaller scale when it came to the bar; apparently no light translates into open bar night. If I’d fallen down, I’m sure I’d have been run over too… saw it happening to one of the guards actually…


Roman and I skyped… I was almost sure he was going to come over and kidnap me like he did at my graduation party. Oh, there’s enough left. It’s just going to… take a while. And cost a lot. I’ll… fix it up. I owe it to Toby. Whether or not I’m keeping it… we’ll see. Want to hear the good news now?

Oh god…I’m so glad you’re okay…being run over isn’t fun…I experienced that firsthand once and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had come and kidnapped you. Well I guess even if you sell it…if you can get enough out of it that you break even it’ll be okay….but I’m sorry it had to go down this way. 

Yes…good news…please share.


I hate funerals… They’re awful. I never know how to react to people that are mourning. But, I think you already knew that, right? I’m…sorry about your loss, Evie. Perhaps if there is an afterlife, she saw what she missed out on. A bit late given it was in her death, but maybe she saw the one person she should have loved and appreciated most was the one that was there for her in her death. 

…They say when you lose something, you also gain something. Something about balance and the like. Maybe that’s why I was sent back here to London, hm? It’s lovely to see you again, Evie, I missed you…


I won’t hold my breath for any sort of post life wisdom on my mother’s part, but thank you for trying to paint a comforting picture for me. Ah the metaphorical and all knowing “they”. They say a lot of things and I’m not sure if I believe most of them. Are you back for good now, Emrys? I don’t want to get all excited at the idea of being able to pester you on a weekly basis and then learn your stay is temporary. Missed you too…I miss a lot of people…I feel strange…like just detached from my life in general and it’s a very disconcerting feeling.


Lately, they’d be right about that; A coffee would be splendid, thank you, Evelyn. Good to see you back, as well. I need the extra hand now more than ever.


It’s good to be back, Commissioner, it felt strange being away from my desk. Well I am here to help, anything you need, starting with that coffee.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so fucking scared, I swear to… It was madness. Look, we both knew London had its bad sides, but this? I already told Landon I need a bit of a break; he’s going to see if he can get time off from his case so we can go visit his son in California.


My face… it’ll heal. I had to live through worse than a bottle of whiskey to the head. Bad news is, though, that I’m out of a job for a while. The club… most of it got trashed, the parts that didn’t got burned down. 

I saw pieces of this when the bridge went down…I can remember waiting for people to help me up when I fell…but they just started running over me…I thought I was going to die.  A break…yeah you could use one…a trip to California sounds good. I stopped and paid a visit to Roman when I was back in the states…needed the comfort of his ridiculous sarcasm.

The…holy shit…oh my god….is there…enough of it left to rebuild? What are you going to do?


Lord, am I ever glad to see you safe and sound. As cruel as it’s going to sound, your mother couldn’t have picked a bloody better time to croak; if I’d had to worry about you on top of everything else, I would’ve had an even bigger nervous breakdown. Okay, which news do you want to hear first — good or bad?


God I was in the middle of looking at fucking headstones when the tvs started blaring about London. I sent you about a half a million texts before I realized they weren’t going through…

God your face Meg…oh my god…you’re okay though right? Like that looks worse than it actually is, right? I…okay…um…Bad news first…but….after….after I hug you.

I feel like I picked…well…actually I didn’t really pick anything, it just sort of happened…but this was sort of a convenient time for me to be out of town. I watched the news reports on the blackout and it was a distraction when I needed to stop thinking about what flower arrangements and what sort of casket I wanted. Turns out I really didn’t need to worry much about my mother’s funeral…no one came. It was literally just me. I’ve spent most of my life being absolutely furious with that woman, but for just a second I felt bad for her and the fact that I was the only one burying her.


You know, once this is somewhat organised and more or less over, I think I’m going to sleep for about a week. Though lord knows when that’ll be. One step at the time, isn’t that what they say? At least this press conference went all right…


I think the rest of the world assumes that you just don’t sleep at all. Do you need a coffee, Commissioner? I’m caught up with my work here, I could run and grab you one.


Look at this dress, look at it! I feel like a princess. I was born to be the next Grace Kelly but instead of a shitty daughter, I have Darcy. 


I don’t care if wearing something like this while on the street is ridiculous, this dress matches my crutches and I like it. I deserve to spoil myself.

Oh my gosh you look so pretty…but aren’t you scared you’re going to get it stained or something?! That would be my fear…but then I’m very stain prone.


I fink metaphors are important, love. They help people see, or better yet, understand what you mean. Without them, you might end up repeating the same idea over and over, and the other person just won’t ever understand. It’s another way to attack the problem of poor communication.

Brilliant, yeah. I mean, I could tell by your accent and all, but I figured that sort of language may still have an effect on you. Where in the USA are you from then? 

I work with that lot too, and maybe that’s why I’ve eased up on my use of unsavory language in polite society. 

Yeah, Sarah is my daughter.

I believe November second at five p.m. are both the date and time. It’s at the grand lecture hall on the Kingston Hill campus. 


I suppose you’re right, and that’s a lovely way to think of it. Bridging gaps of poor communication. Lord knows there are a lot of repetitive people in the world who could do with some fresh ways to reimagine the point they’d like to make.

I’m originally from a little suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pa. Moved here for school, though I suppose that’s a half assed reason seeing as I could have gone to school back home. Mostly I wanted to assert some distance from my mother.

Kingston Hill, five pm on November second, I will most certainly be there.


That means you should go to an optometrist as soon as possible! Do you need me to hold your hand whilst walking there? I don’t mind since you don’t look like you have your walking cane. So am I a walking self-sufficient prophesying man? That’s a mouthful albeit the impressiveness of it all. Hhhmm. Truth. Never got over mine. Probably never will. Wait.. you only watched Lion King this year?! What have you been doing all this while? Jesus, lady. You’re making Walt Disney roll in his grave. Call yourself an American. That is because society is screwed up to a point where humany wumany things look like they’re a blasphemy and shouldn’t be done at all. 


Would you like me to pat your head or shall we just leave it at that awkward cliff hanger?

Well aren’t you just the epitome of a Good Samaritan. Do you help little old ladies cross the street too? Yes you are just that, I am going to make you a t-shirt with that so the world will know exactly the sort of prowess that it is dealing with. Yes, sadly I must admit that I had never watched the Lion King. You’re not the only one horrified to hear that news. My boyfriend at the time chastised me for a week straight. Humany wumany? Now that’s some interesting terminology right there.

Awkward cliff hanger…I mean it works in the movies…obviously that’s the best route to go.